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I was born on the west coast of Canada, however having spent the greater part of my life in the prairies I have come to appreciate the vast contrast this great country has to offer for a landscape photographer. Within the last decade I decided to move back to the west coast, knowing there would be greater opportunities to get outside and explore the area. It was this move that has had the single biggest effect on my photography. I spent the last 5 years travelling the country from Coast to Coast even having a little time to explore a few other countries in between in a pursuit to build my Portfolio.

I have always found the process of producing an image to be a perfect combination of both rewarding and frustrating. The frustration is what keeps pushing me to constantly perfect my skill. As a photographer I really enjoy the initial discovery process, and I get completely lost in the actual image capture. I could spend minutes, hours, or even entire days concentrating on one image, the lighting and the mood that best tells its story.

From a young age landscape photography has been my passion and more specifically panorama photography. Outside of little point and shoot film cameras the majority of my learning came with the digital age. However, in 2014 I acquired a medium format film camera and made the official switch. Everything I knew changed as my security blanket was ripped away and I quickly transitioned from learning menu’s on a digital camera to learning about capturing light.

There has always been something about mother nature that has drawn me in. I have a deep desire to see the entire world, and landscape photography has quickly become the tool that I use to fulfill that dream. Having the skills required to capture all of her beauty and bring it back home for people to enjoy is what makes this so rewarding.

On the heels of three bronze awards in the 2015 Epson International Pano awards, I am  focused more than ever and excited to get out there and capture many more images in the pursuit of “The Perfect Shot”

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