Wildlife Photographer of the Year

This is such an amazing exhibit! It’s so cool to see photography finally being displayed the way it deserves to be, on such a grand scale! Go check it out! Great opportunity to see some of the most amazing animals and landscapes this planet has too offer.

Of course it’s always a treat to see the time, effort, confidence and utter fearlessness it takes to capture these animals in their natural environment.

Thank you all for Feb!

What an amazing month!!! Just wanted to thank everyone we had the pleasure of meeting in February. It was very exciting to have an opportunity to meet so many incredible people and have the chance to share the art and passion with you all. The response has been overwhelming, we truly appreciate all the kind words and encouragement.

We may have had many happy customers but more importantly we have also made many new friends! It’s very encouraging to see this continue to grow even during the shortest month of the year.

I would not be able to chase my dreams and follow my heart without all of the amazing support and for that I can not thank you all enough.

New Release – “Legends of The Sea”


I was out one ice cold January morning on a mission to take a picture of the sailboats. I was waiting for the fog because I love how it make the scene way more intimate. The fog was so heavy that at times you could hardly see past your nose. Shortly after I was all setup, the first sailboat slowly started to emerge from behind its shroud of fog. Not too long after, the fog opened up a little more to reveal the second and third boats ever so faintly in the background. I stood there mezmerized by how in a world of chaos, this moment seemed to last a lifetime.

I can only imagine that the stories these sailboats hold are similar to those of legends. From crashing through waves headed to beautiful secret destinations to stories of sailors sitting topside drinking copious amounts of rum and having a great time.

Few of us are lucky enough to have met a real living legend in our lives. These are the people you look up to, you live vicariously through, you model your own life after them & you listen to their endless stories in complete awe. You never know how long you’ll have with them, but you know as soon as you meet them that they will be a significant part of your life forever. 

I met one in 2010, I enjoyed every minute of the 8 amazing years I knew him & it all came to a screeching hault 3 weeks ago today. 

R.I.P Steve Halliwell, Ret. Petty Officer 2nd Class 


New Release: “Rip Curl”

I had it set in my mind to get some shots of waves, but not just any waves… I wanted to capture one in a way that looked like I had painted it. This proved to be one of the harder tasks I had set for myself. Getting the wave in perfect focus while purposely trying to blur every other part of the image was actually extremely difficult. But the right amount of persistence landed me with the exact shot I was looking for.

New Release: “Island Dreaming”

No matter how much you over think or plan something, there’s always an element that’s completely out of your control. This morning was the perfect proof of that. I’ve spent countless hours scouting shots, planning angles, waiting for the right weather and re shooting until I get the “shot” I’m looking for.

Then you have this shot, I woke up a little late, almost convinced myself to stay in bed and sleep in. I ended up making a mad dash for the car, drove north with no particular location in mind just trying to beat the first bit of light. I arrived at this beach (I had never been here before) and found this little outcrop of rocks along the shore where the waves seemed to be crashing over them just perfectly. So I figured this would be where I watched the sun come up and I got my camera all setup and started firing off images . I was really happy with what I was getting, some subtle pinks in the sky, and the water was like silk on the rocks and the shore in the foreground. Then out of nowhere as if Mother Nature said “But wait… there’s more!” this rainbow just showed up and took it right over the top.

It’s a good thing I didn’t miss this one!!