New Release: “Fields of Fire”

Sometimes its just about the simplicity of things. We tend to over complicate everything in life, but sometimes simpler things are much more enjoyable. It was a warm dry air kind of day and there was a fresh taste of prairie dust in my mouth. I was on a mission this mid summer day to find an image that displayed the vast distance in the prairies.

I had a much different idea in mind, but this is proof that if you just get out there, and allow Mother Nature to take the lead she will show you her colours. I came across this field, and for some reason it spoke to me. I stopped and got my gear all set up for the sunset. I couldn’t imagine what I was about to witness.

The sun dropped behind the clouds, and I thought that the show was over, but then about 60 seconds later a small part of the the sky started to light up. Then before I new it, the entire sky was lit up like a fire. Everything started slow but once it was going strong it took quite some time to die down. It seemed to stay alive for an eternity.

This is a sunset that I will remember for the rest of my life.