New Release: “In the Shadows of the Ma’iitsoh”

Have you ever really wanted to go somewhere specific, and when you finally get to, it all happens so fast? That’s basically how I feel about anywhere new that I get to go! This was definitely the case in Arizona’s Antelope Canyon. I’ve seen countless pictures of it and yet nothing compares to seeing it with my own eyes. It’s amazing to see the artwork that nature’s power can create by something as simple as water mixed with sand, flash flooding into a colourful sandstone crevasse over thousands of years.

When I first laid eyes on this photo, a wolf howling towards the sky jumped out at me. I immediately started thinking about how I was standing on very sacred Navajo land, and their connection to the world around them. The Wolf is at the top of the food chain, as they are very intelligent hunters and travel in packs. The Wolf, or Ma’iitsoh as the Navajo people call it, is worshiped as a god and an ancestor

One of the biggest problems we have as photographers is stopping to enjoy the moment for ourselves. We get so caught up in the act of capturing the moment for others to enjoy, that we forget to completely disconnect from that and enjoy it for ourselves. This was one of those moments for me, I stopped myself for a brief moment and just enjoyed being alone in the shadows of the Ma’iitsoh.


Camera: #Canon 5Dsr

ISO: 100

Aperture: f/11

Shutter: 6s