New Release – “Legends of The Sea”


I was out one ice cold January morning on a mission to take a picture of the sailboats. I was waiting for the fog because I love how it make the scene way more intimate. The fog was so heavy that at times you could hardly see past your nose. Shortly after I was all setup, the first sailboat slowly started to emerge from behind its shroud of fog. Not too long after, the fog opened up a little more to reveal the second and third boats ever so faintly in the background. I stood there mezmerized by how in a world of chaos, this moment seemed to last a lifetime.

I can only imagine that the stories these sailboats hold are similar to those of legends. From crashing through waves headed to beautiful secret destinations to stories of sailors sitting topside drinking copious amounts of rum and having a great time.

Few of us are lucky enough to have met a real living legend in our lives. These are the people you look up to, you live vicariously through, you model your own life after them & you listen to their endless stories in complete awe. You never know how long you’ll have with them, but you know as soon as you meet them that they will be a significant part of your life forever. 

I met one in 2010, I enjoyed every minute of the 8 amazing years I knew him & it all came to a screeching hault 3 weeks ago today. 

R.I.P Steve Halliwell, Ret. Petty Officer 2nd Class