New Release: “Mystic Falls”

It was a rainy overcast day, so naturally I am drawn towards waterfalls. This day I was out by Stave Lake off-roading with a buddy looking for waterfalls to shoot. We had found a couple earlier, however, the view and the light wasn’t quite right. It’s so true when they say that many of life’s failures occur when people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. I was just about ready to turn around and start heading home, however, I thought twice of it and figured I would see what was around the next corner.

And there it was! The exact scene I had been out searching for. I quickly raced to setup my camera and load up the film as the light, which was rapidly changing, was just right. I had just enough time to fire off two shots in that spot before the light diminished and completely changed the look. I knew I had it, and I could now go home satisfied. Patience and persistence always pays off.