Golden Morning

In August, at 3:30AM, I lugged my gear down a hill, and got set up on one of San Francisco’s beaches.  Facing east, I waited patiently for just the right subdued light to capture the downtown skyline and one of the city’s most prominent pieces of architecture, The Golden Gate Bridge.  Although failing on the first morning, I came back again the next day, and was thrilled with the final shot for ‘Golden Morning’.

Known as a wonder of the modern world, the bridge was the longest (4,200 feet) and tallest (746 feet) suspension bridge at the time of its completion in 1937.  The construction took roughly 4 years, and cost 35 million (the equivalent of $493 million dollars in 2016). It’s architect, Irving Morrow, designed the bridge towers with touches of Art Deco including chevron or beveled shapes.  Up-lighting techniques, similar to those seen on skyscrapers of the 1930’s, were used to highlight the height of the towers.

This image, with hints of fog, glimmers of the morning, a phenomenal piece of architecture, and distant city lights, reminds me of the calm and promise that exists before the start of every single day.