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Welcome to Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography and Art Gallery in Victoria. We are located in the beautiful downtown Victoria, BC attached to the Bay Centre. Come see our collection of Fine Art Photography.


“There’s something I loved in particular about panorama photos; the way they light up a room, the sheer beauty of being lost in the photo and feeling as if you were still in that exact moment and spot the photographer captured it. It’s a style of capture that encompasses landscape photography beautifully, and as a young boy who was obsessed with landscapes in particular, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner. Here I was, standing in front of a massive panorama image at a friends house, with travel on the brain, when I nonchalantly said out loud, “I could do that!” I could take a photo like that, and turn it into a piece of art that allows others to feel moved by nature.”

Sean Schuster

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Come visit our photography gallery in downtown Victoria for inspiration for your next blank wall, office or anywhere you need to add some fine art photography.

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