New Release: “Stepping Stones”

Stepping stones are sets of rocks or stones arranged to form a simple path that allows a person to cross a natural watercourse, such as a river; or a water feature, where water is allowed to flow between the stone steps. They may be impossible to cross when the river level is high and can be displaced by the force of the river when it is flowing with more power than usual. Just like in life, the stepping stones are there to help you take one step at a time. At times the water levels can be so high that we end up having to take a step back. However, with some patience & persistence, the water will again recede and return to a manageable level so we can continue along our path of Stepping Stones towards a better view.

I had my eye on this location for some time now, but hadn’t quite found the image I was looking for. I came back with some different equipment and rushed down to the water to find the perfect shot. Up the stream a little bit I saw this little grouping of vibrant moss covered rocks, and was immediately drawn closer to them. By using a low vantage point and the right composition, I was able to make these seemingly small rocks completely fill the scene while drawing the viewer right into the silky smooth waterfall in the distance.