New Release: “The Salt of The Earth”

At nearly 300 feet below sea level, there isn’t a spot on Earth that you could stand further from the Moon all while wondering if you are in fact standing on it.

The combination of unbearable heat and salt will suck every little bit of water out of anything that lives here. But what makes this place so interesting is that it’s one of the few places, if not only in the world where you can be standing this far below sea level in the scorching heat and look to the top of the surrounding mountains in the middle of summer and see… SNOW! It’s surreal to see such a contrast in such a small area.

I scoured the area looking for the perfect composition, which is not as easy as one might think, there are so many different variations of salt formations that exist in this area. Some of them are very dirty and flat from being walked all over from others. I was looking for perfect patterns that were pristine and untouched, with very definitive lines. I wanted it to pull the viewer into the image and make them want to explore the foreground, all while still drawing their eye up into the distance.